Technical Institute


Computer science is at the fore in all fields and specializations. It facilitates work in various fields. The study of information technology is one of the most important requirements of the current era that cannot be dispensed with in all areas of life.

Department definition:

The Technical Institute is considered one of the most important technical branches that a person needs in various fields of work. It includes several specializations which range from programming, maintenance and networks. A licensed assistant certificate in the field of software and information systems constitutes by its professional nature the first and necessary stage in the applied technical qualification for secondary school certificate laureates. It is a qualification that helps in accessing the labor market with professional technical expertise that facilitates him obtaining a good job opportunity.

The duration of study at the institute is two years, in addition to a summer semester which enables the student to complete their study subjects.


The Technical Institute was established in the academic year 2021/2022, the same year in which the university was founded.

Department Aim:

The Technical Institute aims to qualify technicians in the field of software and information systems, enabling them to possess basic skills in this specialized field and to be able to carry out executive technical work.