Chemistry laboratories at Al Sharq University


The chemistry laboratories in the Faculty of Science are one of the most important scientific laboratories at the University of the Alsharq, designed according to the approved specifications, Where these laboratories are interested in conducting practical experiments, lessons and scientific lectures for students and include the application of the necessary scientific experiments in the field of specialization through the performance of practical experiments distributed according to the theoretical material, represented by general and analytical chemistry experiments, organic chemistry experiments, physical chemistry experiments, organic and inorganic industries and their applications, as these laboratories include modern and advanced equipment and devices, as well as means and precautions that maintain safety and security.

The University of the Alsharq seeks to provide laboratories equipped with all the necessary safety standards and equipped with the latest chemical and analytical equipment in line with the required standards in terms of modernity and safety and so that the student can refine his theoretical knowledge and practical application, in addition to giving students the opportunity to implement research and applied projects in various fields such as natural products, industrial chemistry and others, within the framework of the implementation of graduation projects.

These laboratories receive university students from other scientific departments (Faculty of Agriculture – Biology-..... etc).