Department of Arabic Language

1. About the department

The Department of Arabic Language and literature is a department of the Faculty of Arts at Al-Sharq University. The duration of the study is four years, i.e. eight semesters in total. Its subjects comprise: literature, syntax and morphology, rhetoric, prosody, criticism, linguistics, oriental languages, aesthetic studies, contemporary studies, world literature, in addition to general subjects that broaden one’s horizons and culture.

The department is characterized by vitality and flexibility in both theoretical and practical fields.

2. Right Now

The department currently available at Al-Sharq University, Faculty of Arts, is the Department of Arabic Language for the second consecutive academic year 2022/2023.

3. The Significance of the Department

The Arabic language department is important because it graduates students with distinguished scientific competencies that spread knowledge, awareness and goodness into society. Moreover, it provides the social market with qualified staff in the field of education.



Theoretical exams: they comprise two exams per semester: a mid-term exam and a final exam and constitute 60 % of the total mark of scoring.

Other modes of grading: they comprise: seminars, quizzes, class participation, assignments and constitute 40 % of the total mark of scoring.


Methods of Teaching

Active learning, dialogue and discussion, practical assignments covering all subjects.