Vision, mission and objectives of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering

Al-sharq University


The Faculty of Agricultural Engineering at Al-Sharq University seeks to prepare agricultural engineers specialized in various fields of agricultural sciences, and to work to find effective and safe solutions to the various problems that agriculture suffers from in the areas of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, and to develop the prospects for agricultural scientific research, upgrading it, and strengthening its means to serve the development Natural resources and preserving them as a national wealth.

  It also seeks to bring the college to the level of a research institution that carries out innovative scientific and research tasks, and to improve the educational process

  As well as providing guidance and advisory advice that aims to study and find solutions to contemporary agricultural issues about agriculture, life and the environment, and its impact on increasing production in quantity and quality, and access to balanced development of vital resources for terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems, as well as introducing new environmental agriculture - biotechnology and safety revival techniques Soil fertility and energy-saving agricultural techniques, as well as environmental and legal management in rural areas, monitoring compliance with quality and safety standards for agricultural crops, and processed agricultural products.


Dean of the College of Agriculture