Definition of Biology Department:

It is one of the natural sciences, which is concerned with the study of living organisms and everything related to them, as it studies their structure, structures, patterns of behavior, the environment in which they live, the impact of the environment on them and their impact on the environment.

Biology includes specialized sciences such as cytology, histology, plant science, animal science, anthropology, microbiology and protozoa. It also includes biochemistry, immunology, and the study and treatment of diseases, their etiology. 

With scientific progress, biology has become more accurate using advanced technology such as light and electron microscopes, biology included the study of chemical molecular substances inside living cells, and research and discovery was made in genetics and living codes of organisms.

The Department of Biology is one of the departments of the Faculty of Science and the duration of study is four years over eight semesters.

The Department of Biology at Alshareq University aims to provide the community with biologists and researchers in the environmental, medical, scientific and educational fields. They are also scientifically prepared for follow-up in postgraduate studies and scientific research. 

With the presence of advanced laboratories and equipment at the university, theoretical information is applied practically and the necessary tests are conducted to contribute to research in all its forms.