The Department of Physics

The Department of Physics was established in the College of Science to meet the university's need for this specialization. It aims to prepare specialized professionals in the field of physics to serve the public sector in the province. Physics is a science that is closely linked to various disciplines, both theoretical and applied. Therefore, the Department of Physics at the College of Science at East University places great importance on contributing to the advancement of society. It aspires to be at the forefront in laying solid foundations for the development of technology and the environment, while nurturing young minds to participate in the development and service of the nation. This is achieved through elevating the level of theoretical and practical teaching, conducting scientific research, and preparing outstanding scientific personnel in the fields of education, training, and scientific research. These individuals are equipped with the necessary expertise to serve and develop the community, striving to reach the level of advanced nations and establish connections with their societies.


The objectives of the Department of Physics are as follows:


1. To meet the country's and society's needs for qualified individuals with scientific knowledge in the field of physics at both undergraduate and graduate levels.


2. To prepare scientific researchers who possess the necessary foundations for scientific research, contributing to research advancement and technological progress in the region.


3. To provide qualified faculty members capable of working in higher education, capable of advancing the scientific and educational process.


4. To prepare outstanding graduates for enrollment in postgraduate studies and to actively contribute to research fields and the resolution of scientific and technological problems.


5. To conduct advanced scientific research at both theoretical and applied levels, aiming to contribute to solving scientific and industrial problems.


6. To enhance the students' mindset in dealing with problems and solving them based on systematic scientific research. This will create a generation of graduates capable of contributing to the development plans at the local level and exchanging knowledge with other communities.


7. To support and develop other disciplines based on physics, which will help create new job opportunities.