chemistry department:

      • Chemistry is an important major; Because it includes many fields, as this science is mainly concerned with studying the natural, living and non-living elements and compounds on Earth and their components, and studying their construction, properties, and interactions among them. The university has equipped modern and advanced educational laboratories for all stages of the bachelor's degree in chemistry. The study plans have been prepared to link chemistry with applied sciences, technology and industry. In order for the student to benefit in the field of work, what he learned during the study. The major also contains new courses that keep pace with recent scientific developments such as: nanotechnology and quality control.


      • The department aims to supply the market with technically trained competencies in various chemical fields to serve different institutions such as: pharmaceutical companies, bioequivalence study centers, institutions supplying scientific equipment and laboratory supplies, the Food and Drug Administration, the Institution for Standards and Metrology, the ministries of water, agriculture and mineral resources, and factories, in addition to To provide students with basic knowledge and enable them to acquire the necessary skills and provide them with the necessary expertise to work in the field of teaching in various educational institutions. The department also aims to prepare students with a scientific preparation that qualifies them to pursue postgraduate studies and scientific research in various chemical sciences and their applications.