Faculty of Science at Al Sharq University

College of Science is one of the prominent colleges that you can enroll. Allow me to share some information about it.


Benefits of College of Science:

1. Diverse Departments and Specializations: The College of Science offers a wide range of specializations, including physics, chemistry, biology, and mathematics.


2. Practical Aspect: It provides extensive practical study compared to some other colleges.


3. Job Opportunities after Graduation: It greatly qualifies students to work in various fields such as teaching, chemical laboratories, factories, and more.


The goals of the College of Science are to establish itself as a vibrant academic and social field that can fulfill its duties as an educational and research center. It aims to meet the students' desires to learn all sciences theoretically and practically, enabling them to compete in the job market and contribute to the progress of society.


This is achieved through:


1. Equipping laboratories with necessary equipment and devices for teaching purposes.

2. Enhancing the teaching staff with various specializations.

3. Providing modern classrooms required to complete successful teaching programs.

4. Encouraging teachers to engage in scientific research to showcase their different achievements.

5. Offering opportunities for internal and external communication and training for teachers.

6. Developing students' practical abilities by introducing new scientific programs and experiments.


The duration of study in this college is 4 years, divided into 8 study semesters. Upon completion of all courses and the academic program, graduates are awarded a Bachelor's degree in Science.