The Mathematics Department:


Based on the university's perspective on the importance of basic sciences, specifically the Mathematics Department, and its contributions to the development of scientific and technological fields, mathematics is always considered the language of science and the universe.


This department was opened since the establishment of the university in 2021 as one of the departments of the College of Science. Its main goal is to graduate qualified students who possess logical and analytical thinking skills, as well as scientific research skills in various branches of mathematics. The department aims to intellectually and culturally empower students to find innovative solutions, enabling them to face future problems and challenges.


The duration of study in the department is four years, following a well-structured curriculum that can be adjusted and developed at the beginning of each new academic year, in line with scientific and technological advancements. The Mathematics Department has contributed to the development of all other departments within the university, including the College of Economics, the College of Education, the Technical Institute, the Institute of Administrative and Financial Sciences, as well as other departments within the College of Science.