Al-Sharq university in Raqqa (Northeast Syria)An independent academic institution, not affiliated with anyone, and there is no higher authority or parallel to it, dictates or interferes with its decisions. The highest authority in it is the University Council. Its decisions are implemented by the governing body which consists of a co- presidency ,and three deputies.


Al- Sharq university has two  aims humanitarian and scientific. It puts all possibilities to serve educational process, where it provides an academic environment for its students commetted to human values. It is concerned with the practical aspect more than theoretical, also interested in hiring the latest technology methods. The university attaches great importance for external relations with the educated inside and outside. Al-Sharq university has good relations with academics and universities local and international.


The university was established in 2021 with local support and efforts.  Where are the administrative structures and teaching built,to serve the goals of the university within its own strategic vision. The university seeks continuous development for the educational process and develop skills and abilities in the university,and do research that leads to serve the university and the community. Because the continuous development of the educational process and scientific skills evolve rapidly. Therefore,

Al-Sharq university adopted research system in teaching unstead of a course system


Al-Sharq university is always welcome any local or international partnership,in order to achieve its strategic goals and vision in the interest of the local and international community.