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University Council meeting
Date : 2023-07-04 08:37:24
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University Council meeting


Al-Sharq University Council held its periodic meeting on Monday 7/3/2023 in the university building in the presence of all its members, in order to discuss the most important works and activities that were implemented during the past academic year and future plans and programs for the development of the university in terms of academic and administrative aspects.

The agenda of the meeting included reading reports for the past year. The meeting also included discussing the opening of new departments and faculties at the university, launching a project to establish a model school in coordination with the Education Committee in Raqqa, and forming a committee to attend the expanded meeting of universities in northeastern Syria.

At the end of the meeting, preparations were made to start the work of the electronic journal that will be issued by the university, which aims to publish scientific research and studies in various disciplines. Some recommendations and proposals made by the members to improve the quality of education and research at the university were also discussed.


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